Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weight-loss Challenge Day 1...and when good knockoffs go bad! (review/rant)

Started off Day 1 of the weight-loss challenge with a delicious breakfast.  NOT!

I do not like this cereal.  Let me say that again. I.DO.NOT.LIKE.THIS.CEREAL.  For those of you not familiar with it, this is Walmart's version of the Special K w/ strawberries cereal.  And a cheap knockoff at that!  The thing about a knockoff is this: It needs to be almost identical to the original for it to be passable.  For example that purse you purchased on Canal St. in Chinatown.  Look at the stitching, hardware, shape, size, etc. before you fork over your money to that street vendor who will disappear into the night.  If you cannot tell the difference between real and fake, hold your head up and wear your knockoff with pride.  You're friends will be none the wiser - congratulations!  But if the purse you're carrying has little IV's on it rather than LV's, chances are you're not fooling anyone.  We know you're not rocking a Louie....

The problem with this cereal is the "strawberries".  I guess that's what they're calling them.  From the first spoonful, I realized that they tasted eerily familiar to me.  They very much reminded me of those laboratory-orchestrated "marshmallows" from the cereal LUCKY CHARMS.  My old childhood nemesis, I've always hated Lucky Charms.  And much like the "pink hearts-yellow moons-orange stars-green clovers-and-blue diamonds" -shaped puffs of air that is LUCKY CHARMS.....these so-called "strawberries" are not so much magically delicious either.   Resembling tiny tongues (ewww!) floating amongst "crunchy rice & wheat flakes", these oddly-shaped things refuse to be reconstituted with milk.

While the Great Value Strawberry Awake cereal IS considerably cheaper than its Special K counterpart, it IN NO WAY compares in TASTE.  (sorry Walmart)  Sometimes a value is just a value.  Doesn't mean it's great.

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