Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Last Boy Scout - A Conversation

His reticence to answer the question was the only answer she needed.  It spoke volumes.  Perhaps it really had not been her business, but he could have given her something.  He could've said "three months ago".  He could've said "last month" or even "last night", though in truth, the latter would have been unacceptable.  She probed further.  A wall, he firmly resolved to say nothing.  Finally, after a long, deafening silence, he shrugged and snapped, "Look, I'm no Boy Scout..."

She fell.  Inwardly.  Although she, for a certainty, had long been a card-carrying, cookie-selling member of the Girl Scouts, for sure - she had not expected a Boy Scout.  Nor had she expected his irritance.  She had simply wanted an answer, preferably one that began with the words "before I met you, baby".  But he had not said that.  Nor anything even remotely similar to that.  A mere "nunya" and sarcasm was all that he offered up.  His words stung, though just a little.  She had thought the question appropriate.  She was rusty in her relationship skills, no doubt, but hadn't this been standard conversation?  She wondered if he was hiding something.  She wondered what the real answer to her question was, and whether it would have been accompanied by a story if given.  Or worse - an explanation.  She sighed.  She had been nosey, and he had been right - it was his story. Thus, not her business.  She smiled, remembering his pretty eyes and cute smile.  No, she would not lose sleep over this.  She would, however, keep a watchful eye on her Thin Mints and Samoas.