Monday, December 13, 2010

Jephthah's Daughter (SoapBox at it's best!!!)

I recently had a conversation w/ a good MALE friend of mine.  I was telling him about a female friend that I thought perhaps he may be interested in and after the usual "what does she look like?-how old is she?-is she pretty?" type questioning, he very casually asked "why is she still single?"  O.K.  I understand this question and I know well the reasoning behind it.  While he didn't actually say it, the thought process is this: "If your friend is so great, (let the reader use discernment)...then why hasn't anyone CHOSEN her?"

The thing is this - I'm not entirely offended by this line of thinking, nor am I absolutely certain of my friend's greatness.  While I can vouch for the person she was, we kinda lost touch in the past year or two.  Or FIVE, but that's not the point.  The point is this:  Why assume that if a person is 30-something and UNMARRIED (oh the shame!) that there must be something wrong with them?  "Why would I want someone that obviously no one else wants", right?  I don't get that reasoning.  Why assume that that person is still waiting to be chosen?  Why not assume that the person is waiting to CHOOSE?  Or better yet - waiting to make the right choice?

A man doesn't want the model that's just been sitting on the shelf.  I get it.  I have a father, brother, and a male best friend.  I get it.  But I don't get it entirely.  let's say a man is looking to buy a new television.  Not just any old tv, but a 50+" flat screen that he's been working extra hours on the job just to purchase.  He walks into Best Buy, he looks at all the sets, compares brands, maybe narrows it down to Sony, Samsung and LG.  He examines all 3 sets, touches the screen, examines the pictures and pixels, changes the channels, etc. etc.  When he makes his decision to go with the LG, does he then request to purchase the display model before handing over his credit card?  Does he say to the sales guy: "Yeah, make sure I get the floor model - that way I know it works!"  I don't think so.  He wants the model that's in the box, back in the stockroom and FACTORY-SEALED.  And don't let the box be even a little dented - he wants to make sure what he's getting is NEW and UNUSED.  So why would that same man, when making a decision to go with a "life -partner" (let the reader use discernment) request the FLOOR MODEL?  Why is the item that's been sealed and on the shelf seen as something less than desirable?

I can't call it.  Men are a strange breed, but we love them nonetheless. 

*note: If you're familiar w Scripture, you may've surmised that this post is not solely about singleness.

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