Monday, December 27, 2010

Lazy Snow Day

I didn't do anything today.  Let me repeat that: I didn't do ANYTHING today.  And I don't  feel bad about it.  Not even a little bit.  Like the rest of the country, we have about a foot or more of snow in my area so everything is closed - businesses, schools, stores, etc.  The snowstorm shut the town down.  If you think I'm exaggerating, let me put it in perspective for you: WALMART is closed.  What the???  You know if a 24-hr.Walmart closes due to inclement weather, it must be pretty bad outside.  (However; conspicuously, the local Chinese joint was open, as I knew it would be.  Rain, sleet, snow, amount of bad weather will keep a Chinese restaurant from making that dollar.  But I ain't mad atcha and I shant knock your hustle!)  Anyhow, I stayed in my pj's all day today.  Literally.  I ate breakfast around noon, did some light (emphasis on the light) housecleaning, made a few calls, and pretty much watched television in bed for the remainder of the day.  How sad and embarrassingly LAZY!  This time last year when we were snowed in, cabin fever set in pretty quickly and I spent the day making anatomically correct Bollywood-style snowwomen.

2009 Bollywood SnowWoman
This year I had no such desires.  Sometimes you just need to chill.

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