Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The 40/40 Club

A BUCKET LIST...of sorts.                   

  1. Have most all of my weight off                                              
  2. Become financially stable/independent
  3. Earn a stamp on my passport
  4. Walk/Run in a marathon
  5. Become conversational in a foreign language other than Spanish
  6. Have an article/story published
  7. Learn to drive a stick shift
  8. Wear a 2 piece bathing suit (not necessarily bikini) at the beach
  9. Attend a professional sporting event
  10. Start a business
  11. Learn & understand football
  12. Save someone's life (spiritually or otherwise)
  13. Move into my own space
  14. Send my parents on a vacation
  15. Have my artwork hung on somebody's wall
  16. Master time management (stop being late)
  17. Become a vegetarian for 30 days
  18. Pet sit someone's dog for a day
  19. Learn to play chess
  20. Learn to play the game "Portal" (Xbox)
  21. Solve a Rubik's Cube
  22. Drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
  23. Learn to roller skate
  24. Learn to Samba
  25. Go rock-climbing (on a rock-wall)
  26. Fly a kite. Seriously
  27. Teach a class in ??? something. anything
  28. Attend an Indian wedding
  29. Watch a sunrise
  30. Watch a sunset
  31. Be on television. Again
  32. Go to Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC           
  33. Write, direct and star in my own Bollywood movie
  34. Have a man proclaim his love for me and mean it
  35. Proclaim my love for a man and mean it
  36. Learn CPR
  37. Learn to trust people more
  38. Master navigational skills using a map and not GPS
  39. Learn to sing "Nessun Dorma" in Italian
  40. Start a blog
These are not things that I wish to do before I "kick the bucket" - these are goals I'm going to accomplish by this time next year.  Perhaps you have more exciting, life-altering items on your list, but this is my list.  And for someone who double-majored in procrastination, I'm relieved to have crossed at least one thing off thus far.  1 down, 39 to go!


  1. awwww I love the list babe, you have inspired me to do one too! Theres so much on your list that I want to do too lol like #7 Learn to drive a stick shift...I really want to learn too, I think it looks so cool B-)

  2. I hope you do one - I want to see your list. I'm about to cross another one off - yaaay!