Monday, December 6, 2010

Real Men Of Genius.....(Random Post of the Day)

Ever been to a wedding where someone's INEBRIATED UNCLE takes the mic in a drunken stupor to toast the happy couple on their special day with a SONG?  Like a tennis match, you didn't know whether to focus your eyes on the horrified bride & groom wincing in embarrassment or the train-wreck holding the mic and assaulting your ears, right?  Yeah. We've all been to that weddding.

Well evidently, way back in the 1980's, some enterprising fellow attended said wedding and decided to capitalize on said train-wreck, set him to MUSIC, and of the most beautiful ballads in history, used in romance movies & chick flicks the world over.  And ironically, it has become one of the most popular WEDDING SONGS ever!

So dust off those Grammy Awards and kiss those bottles of booze that earned you your fortune and fame.  Van Morrison......we salute you!  (Mr."I Got Drunk At A Wedding And I Made It Big" guy.)

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