Monday, October 31, 2011

These Boots Are Made For (moon) Walking

Note: These photos do not do the boots justice - they are fab.

Ok, so I'm not so much of a shopper, although you can find me in a Walmart or Tarjay on any given day.  My job is very stressful and the hours are long, so once I get off, I'm usually headed straight home and ready to hit the sack.  Well, one day last week, I stopped into Kohl's on my way home from work.  Disclaimer: I typically do not like Kohl's.  Better stated, I HATE Kohl's and I NEVER shop there.  But I'd been looking online for boots (because Fall is here and boot season is back - "It's the most wonderful time of the year"...) and happened across a pair of Vera Wang boots that I fell in love with.  Regularly priced at $110, they were on sale for $59.99.  So on my way home from work the next night, I dragged myself into the store, found my size (SHOCKER!) and even on my tired, end-of-the-day-feet, they fit like Cinderella's glass slipper!  I was so happy with my purchase I think I danced all the way to the cash register.  Seriously.  I Michael Jackson-moonwalked to the line, though really, that had nothing to do with the boots.  I'm just weird like that.

Note: These photos do not do the boots justice - they are fab.

And get this: 3 days later, my best friend was in town from Charlotte for one of our good friend's wedding.  En route to Macy's to find something to wear to the next day's festivities, we stopped at Ross's (or Ross Dress For Less - whatever it's called.) to take a quick look at shoes when BAMMM!!!! (Emeril-style)  I spied a pair of brown suede lace-up ankle boots by - wait for it.... DOLCE VITA!!!!  (And NOT Dolce Vita for Target. Just straight up Dolce Vita) And after almost peeing on myself when reading the $29.99 price tag, my friend and I ransacked that store looking for my size.  I ending up not finding the size I usually wear, but a half size smaller.  Yet once again - they fit like Cinderella's slipper: PERFECT!!!  So happy to find not only a pair of DOLCE VITA boots but in a smaller size - proof that my new diet & exercise regimen are working....woohoo!  I am so in love and proud of my purchases that I feel I must recant the first line of this blog:

"Hi, my name is Chicki Tee and I AM  a SHOPPER!"

Hey, if my job is going to work me like a Hebrew slave, I should, at the very least, see the fruits of my labor.