Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just a girl with a blog....

Hi! I'm Chica and I'm just a girl with a blog.  Or I should say yet another girl with a blog.  I decided to create this blog to document my journey. You see, I am on a mission.  I will call this mission OPERATION UPGRADE. (thanks Beyonce)  I am in the process of upgrading myself.  Because....I didn't like the way things were going in my life.  I wasn't living up to my full potential.  I felt like I was watching everyone else live their lives while waiting for mine to happen.  Stagnant like I don't know what.

Then one day I had an epiphany.  I won't go into the circumstances surrounding this AHA!!! moment right now, but let's just say that I came to understand that something had to give.  I could not continue on the way I was.  Something had to give.  Something had to change.  I want to be the BEST ME that I can be (cheesy much?) - So this blog is about the 3 MAIN AREAS in my life that I am attempting to upgrade in order to do so.  I will reveal them to you in stages.  I will divulge the first category in the next post so please please please come back.  Listen to my story.  You might find that you relate to it.  Come on this journey with me.  You might find yourself benefiting in the process.  Maybe you'll encourage me.  Maybe I'll encourage you.  Watch me upgrade.  HELP ME UPGRADE.  Maybe you'll laugh with me.  Maybe you'll laugh at me.  Whatever.  It's all good.  But just know this: I.Am.That.Chica......that WILL upgrade.  Deuces.