Saturday, December 4, 2010


Sometimes you cannot make something work that doesn't. You think that it fits because it seems like it fits. It feels like it fits. For a little while. Only to realize later that it does not. Coldplay sang it best in the song Clocks:

Confusion never stops
closing walls and ticking clocks....
Am I part of the cure?
Or am I part of the disease?
You are
You are

...."NOT EXTRAORDINARY". That's what HE said. And that was the moment you realized it would never fit. Were you truly never extraordinary? Or were you always "average"? That's what HE said.  

Home, home where I wanted to go
Home, home where I wanted to go

For now, I'll just shut my eyes tight and pretend that I am greater than what you think I am. For now. Welcome to Bizarro World.

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