Sunday, April 21, 2013

Days 7 - 20

** We Interrupt this normally scheduled program......"

OMG, where did Days 7 - 20 go???  Look like someone's been slacking on her game....

Ok, what HAD HAPPENED WAS I had a couple of issues going on at the same time.  Job issues, which I would truly love to explain to ya'll so I could get some advice but you the streets is always watching, mane!  So anyway, let's just do a quick summation of Days 7 - 20:

DAY 7: What is your view of Cheating People?   While not all cheaters are lying scumbags, they are all liars.  And cowards.  I understand people grow apart, but if the issues cannot be resolved, just end it properly.  Don't cheat.  That is betrayal wosre than a departure from someone's life.

DAY 8:  Something You're Currently Worrying About  Let's see, where to start...if I had to narrow down the top 2 issues causing angst, I would say money and mo' money!!!

DAY 9:  Your Last Kiss  Hmm,....I'll fill you in on my next kiss - how 'bout that?

DAY 10: Your Views On Drugs and Alcohol  Just say NO.  Wait, to drugs I mean.  Now  To quote "Sir K. Lamar": 

"Now I done been around some people living their lives in bottles
Grandaddy had the golden flask...."

Like many, I have a few alcoholics in my family.  Wanted better for them but loved them nonetheless.  Personally, I have a low tolerance for alcohol (true story: I once had a White Russian and slept for 18 hrs!  No lie!!!) so when I do drink, it's moderately and my drink of choice is rum & coke. 

DAY 11: Your Current Relationship, If Single, How is Single Life?  I am single.  Single life is looking better and better - I wasted time pining after someone I should not have, all the while bypassing other interested parties.  I SHAN'T MAKE THAT MISTAKE HENCEFORTH and already rectifying the error.....

DAY 12: Things You Would Want to Say to An Ex  "I hold no malice towards you.  You taught me alot about myself.  I thank you for all that you taught me.  I am not only a better person because of it, but a better woman, for sure.  I accept my role in this, as I put myself in this position.  I saw something I wanted to see, but was not there.  But I have to say what bothered me most is that I willingly accepted all of your craziness and flaws, and yet you tolerated none of mine.  I supported all of your endeavors, and played the part of your hype-woman on many occasions.  Yet, you made no such efforts towards me.  You laughed when I tried to share my ideas and dreams with you, and called them (and me) stupid on more than on occasion.  You refused to ever read my blog, even when I advised you of posts pertaining to you.  When I had business cards made up for my blog and I excitedly offered you one, you coldly rejected it and said you would "tear it up if you accepted it."  I did not deserve any of that, not even as a friend.  I indeed was a better friend to you than you were to me.  And I loved you from my heart.  But I accept 100% of the responsibility because you offered me no illusions, yet I again saw something that was not there.  I put myself in that position.  You are indeed a liar, yet you have told me the truth and shown me the truth, about who you are as well as who I am.  And that is priceless.  I hold no malice towards you whatsoever.  I am not the victim and I won't speak poorly of you.  After this, I won't speak of you again.  I am a person who likes to learn, and I have indeed learned from this and will continue to do so.  Because of you, I have grown in the way that only experience can teach you.  And now I can soar.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you, Sounder Rasmussen.  Two times.  ;-)

DAY 14: Something Disgusting You Do  I've developed the bad habit, through no fault of my own, of sucking my teeth.  I was taking a medication that listed that as an "uncommon" side effect, and lo and behold - I started sucking my teeth!  That was 6 months ago, the medication has long been abandoned, and yet I can't stop....that sucks! No pun intended.

DAY 15: The Best Thing To Happen To You This Week  Scales fell of my eyes and I woke up.  (see Day 12)  Coincidentally, this was also the worst thing (see Day 12).

DAY 16: 3 Things You Are Proud Of About Your Personality  1.) I'm not a follower and I mostly don't care what people think of me, though I was raised to do so....2.) I am kind-hearted and compassionate (which often works to my detriment, actually) ...3.) I have worked hard to overcome childhood trust issues.  I offer trust freely now...until I have a reason to no longer.

DAY 17: Things That Make You Scared   Large Dogs, losing my family/friends, not learning from mistakes and repeating them

DAYS 18 - 20: Freestyle   Summing up to say it would seem I'm failing on the 30 Days of Blogging Challenge, would it not? smh.  Oddly enough, I am loving these challenges and I am KILLING IT in the 30 Days No Fast Food and 30 Days No Soda challenges.  I have not cheated once and I will be eliminating soda and fast food altogether from my diet.  The 30 Days Saving $ challenge has proven to be far more difficult, but I am trucking along. I already save $, but the goal of that challenge is to save a larger amount by month's end.  And due to my less-than-stellar medical insurance (you suck, Aetna!), I have medical bills out the wazoo that I'm trying to pay off.  I went from having absolutely no debt to having medical debt in one fell swoop and it sucks like a....I shant get on a tangent, I digress.  Anyway, personal growth is very necessary to acieving goals so I plan on doing a different challenge every month.  This has been good for me.  So, I'll catch you back up on Day 21.

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