Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sideshow FREAK ("Step Right Up!")

Really?  Was an elephant meant to prance around in a tutu for a crowd of jeering children and adults in a daggone circus?  I mean REALLY?  An elephant, like the LION, the BEAR, and all other animals living "under the big-top" were not meant to live in cages and perform "tricks" for humans.  They were meant to live in the wild - in their natural habitat where they can BE an elephant....or a bear....or a lion.

Ever seen a circus lion jump through a flaming hoop? What tha???  Ever wonder how these APEX PREDATORS settle into domesticated bliss so....naturally?  It's due to the process that Ringling Bros. doesn't show you, where they're beating the crap out of the animal, starving him to near death and embarrassing the heck out of him by dressing him IN DRAG and making him coon for an audience.  The poor animal is so stressed and mentally exhausted that he almost forgets that he.is.an.elephant.  Let me be clear: this is not a "Save the Animals" article so you can stop the cheering, PETA. This is not for you.  This is for persons, not unlike myself, who dream of greatness but are dealing with mental stagnancy or too afraid to go after their dreams.  I was am a dreamer.  I was am an artist.  I punch a time-clock, sit behind a computer, and am verbally assaulted by unappreciative "customers" all day long.  And then come home, mentally and physically drained, dreading the next day where I repeat.the.process.all.over.again.  And wait for my "not even a sixteenth of what I'm worth" pittance on Friday.  Let me be clear: I am better than this.  I am better than the job that I have.  I am better than the life that I live.  I am a freaking AFRICAN LION.  I am no longer content jumping through flaming hoops to entertain the crowd.  I was built for abundance, but I have allowed myself to be programmed for poverty.  I am not a circus animal.  I am a freaking AFRICAN ELEPHANT.  I want better so I have to become better.  I want more.  Thus, I will no longer perform for peanuts.

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