Sunday, May 22, 2011

Girl Interrupted....

"IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME - I SHOULDN'T HAVE LEFT YOU".... but I didn't have a strong beat to step to.  Really.  I didn't.  But after a 3-month sabbatical (of sorts) - I am back!!!!  What's been going on with me, you ask?  A WHOLE LOT.....of nothing.  I think the last time we spoke I was trying to get adjusted to the new job while trying to adjust to the demise of a friendship.  While I shall speak of neither, I will say that I am not a person who processes stress well.  I have a tendency to withdraw and go inward, which is why I stopped "blogging".  I became sidetracked, lost focus, and that whole "Mission Upgrade" thing that I'd been working on suddenly became MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and I just couldn't seem to get it together.

But on a brighter note, as they say...A SETBACK is nothing but a SET-UP for a COMEBACK - and BABY I"M BACK!!!!  Back on track with being focused on achieving my goals ("I'm focused man!" - Jay Z) and this time, I'm not just going after them.  I'm going after them hard.  I'm sorry - meant to say HARRRDDD!!!!  A wise man once said "Don't talk about it - BE about it."  And that is exactly my plan. (I'll elaborate later)

* Random question:  Does anyone remember the singer Al B. Sure and his facial caterpillar  unibrow???

A friend brought him up in conversation today - just wondering...

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