Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Chip Away
- to withdraw or remove gradually

Attack - to start work upon with  purpose and vigor; to take aggressive action against a person (or thing), to undertake a problem or task vigorously

Is there a difference between the two or is it just semantics?  Well, let's illustrate:  We're all familiar with the weight loss program Weight Watchers, right? Weight Watchers is a program that teaches one to eat sensibly, plan meals, count points, yada yada yawn in order to achieve a realistic weight goal. Ok? Ok. NOW,.......ever seen or heard of the tv show "The Biggest Loser"?  This is a program that trains 'contestants' to achieve weight loss by following a low calorie diet & participating in grueling 4-6 hour daily boot camp-type workouts, no matter how outrageous. Two hours of weight training, 2 hours on the treadmill and eliptical machine, and another 2 hours of, say, kayaking in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, just for good measure.

So while both the Weight Watchers and The Biggest Loser programs promise results, the Weight Watchers participant says "I lost 10 pounds in 30 days!"  But the Biggest Loser participant says "Chick Please - I lost 30 pounds in 10 days!!!!"  Semantics you say?  I think not.

You can choose to CHIP AWAY at success, little by little.  You will get to your goal. Eventually.  But the problem with "eventually"  is that "eventually" may never come.  OR...you can choose to ATTACK success.  Go hard.  Hustle hard.  And JUST DO IT.  And success will come a lot quicker than "eventually".

* I can admit I've been "chipping"....what about you?  Do you chip or attack?

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