Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Am I losing my MOJO??? Nah.

I lost an EBAY auction!!!!  I have never lost an auction in the almost 8 years that I've been on Ebay so I'm kinda pissed.  True, I can just go to any other shoe site online to purchase these very shoes, but the whole thing for me w/ EBAY is the thrill of the auction.  I'm a guerilla bidder from waaay back (giving away all my secrets) and the whole bidding, getting outbid, and bidding again is an adrenaline rush like you wouldn't believe.  It's the little things.....

Anyway, look @ what I lost out on:

So mad right now.  Must not cry....must not cry....


  1. I ending up getting them from a different site. I'm mad because they were more expensive but ....AH WELL! Sometimes you have to come out of pocket, right? ;-)