Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Girl, Get Your Life!!!

You ever feel like you're spinning your wheels?  You ever feel like you've been working hard to overcome an obstacle only for it to seem like no progress is being made whatsoever?  Well, sometimes you've got to take a long, hard look in the mirror and have that uncomfortable conversation with yourself - the problem you may be working so hard to overcome just may be YOU.  Sometimes we are our biggest obstacle, our own worst enemies.  I've just had that uncomfortable chat with myself as to why it's taking me so long to reach a particular goal (or two, but who's counting!) and I 've realized (insert "epiphany music and smoke" here):

Dang, now that's some real talk for your...Anyway, speaking of being problematic, I'm not really a fan of her music, but Fergie once had a song called "Finally".  In it, she sings:

                          "Finally got out of my own way, I've finally started living for today
                            finally know, I needed to grow...
                   my destiny can begin...."

The definition of the word finally: at last; eventually; after considerable delay typically involving difficulty or delay.

It's been a long time coming, but I see that I've been  Nobody else, just me.  I should have been able to see that on my own accord, but sadly, I had some assistance. And to my helper, I say "thank you, oh wise one.  I appreciate your wisdom, dear sage."  I've finally looked long in the mirror, said "Jane...stop this crazy thing! I want off this ride."

For real, sometimes you gotta look in the mirror and just say:

                        "Girl, BYE!!!"

In the end, you will be a better (and happier) person for it.                            


  1. It's always good when we recognize problems within ourselves...We can all talk - but doing it is another thing!

    1. And DENIAL is a river in Egypt. The 1st step to any problem resolution is always admittance - everyone won't do this, esp. when the issue lies within. Thus the problem remains. Step 1 has to also involve a plan of action so Step 2 can take place - ACTION!!! Another song sings/raps: "Don't TALK about it, BE ABOUT IT - let me see..."

      Step 2, baby. Step 2.

  2. PREACH!! I have just had a very similar conversation with myself recently...We sometimes are the root of all of our own evil and need to step out from behind that veil of negativity and let go. I am with you on this hun-ty!

    1. Neeeeeiko! Hey chica, how was the move? Oh wait, I already read about it... Anyway, great minds think alike, eh? My self-analysis HAD to happen so that I could make my moves, else I'll always be standing in the same place. And that is SOOOO NOT CUTE. STAGNANCY is a 4-letter word, for real! Lol @the "hun-ty". :-)

  3. totally right :)
    thx for stopping by my blog
    i'm your newest follower :)