Friday, January 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday or....TWILIGHT ZONE????

True Story!  I've been sick for the past 3 days (Note to you men: "It's a WOMAN thing - you wouldn't understand!") and yesterday I dragged myself into my doctor's office.  When I walked in, this older woman looked up from her magazine and gave me the once over.  Taking in my lipstick-only bare face, FILA-esque tracksuit, Dookie braids, Chuck Taylor All Stars, and Old Skool "Cazelle" glasses (thrown in for good measure), she nodded as if in approval.  Then she....smiled.  And stopped me instantly in my tracks.  Noting her own light grey acid washed jeans (I think we called them "stonewashed" back in the day), grey MEMBERS ONLY-esque jacket, shaggy hair colored by Dark & Lovely #1992, and a singular GOLD TOOTH in the middle of her mouth, I nodded back and went about my business.  The ladies at the front desk looked at each as if they were about to witness a real, live Old Skool DANCE OFF . Hilarious.

The thing is: I'm not sure if that actually happened or if it was the delirium from being sick, but nonetheless....thank you, old skool lady, for providing a much needed laugh.  Somehow, I think I know that somewhere she is nodding "right back atcha, girlfriend. Right back atcha."



  1. LMBO! This is too funny! I can surely picture it!

  2. I LITERALLY did a double take when I saw her. I was like "what tha?", as I'm sure the other women in the office were thinking looking at us BOTH. It was crazy.

  3. LOL! For real. That is truly hilarious! : )