Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Everything In It's Right Place" (radiohead)

I'm trying to become less wordy and more succinct in 2012.  That may be slightly difficult for a gal like me, being as I'm the poster child for ADULT ADD and all, but no worries - I'm always down for a dare and I accept all challenges.  Anyhoo, in the quest for brevity, I'll just say this: I accomplished some pretty decent goals in 2011, but 2012 will be even.better.  I only have 3 goals I plan to accomplish:

  1. GET MOVING (weight loss. enough said. i started the day off w/ a workout. only 364 days to go....)
  2. GET PAID (plain and simple: i need more money. my 9-5 alone is not cutting it. fortunately i have a plethora of "money-making" creative skills/talent that i can turn into a profitable hustle...i just have to do it. for real. stay focused and stay the course)
  3. GET OUT (i need to move in 2012. i have to move in 2012. i'm ready to move in 2012. ain't nothing to it but to do it. for real.)
And that's it folks. That's all I'm working towards in 2012.  Anything else that comes is a bonus. Let's get it.

* What do you plan on accomplishing in 2012?


  1. This post is totally like my "29 before 29" post I did a few days ago and I completely agree! 2012 is the year to make moves and I am glad im not the only one ready for the challenge!

  2. I am ready for these challenges. Heading over to check your "29 before 29" right now, Neiko. :)