Thursday, January 6, 2011

5,4,....3,2....P90X is in the house!

You better watch your mouth.  Ok, I added something new to shake up my current routine.  As you can tell from the title and picture, I'm doing P90X ya'll.  And in case you didn't know, the P in the P90x workout stands for POWER, in P(ower)90X.  But after doing this thing that is P90x, I can think of more appropriate acronyms: 

P= PAINFUL (because you don't know PAIN until you've done a P90x workout. Seriously.  It's only been 3 days and  I've never experienced childbirth, but after 3 days of Tony Horton and crew, I think I would be okay.)
P= PERVERSE (as in, it takes a perverse individual to come up with the moves that P90x includes.  Tony Horton and crew are obviously all ex-NAVY SEALS or something....the average person cannot do more than 2 of the moves in that AB RIPPER dvd - I don't care if that one guy does have a prosthetic leg!!!
P= PUNK (because yes, let's be real: EVERY dvd in the P90x set exposes you to be a bonafide PUNK.  No if's and's or buts.  And really, if I could actually do all those Ninja-esque moves, would I even need P90x?  My advice to anyone attempting P90 is to GO IN KNOWING THAT YOU ARE A PUNK and cannot do most of these moves.  You WILL be exposed as such anyway.
P= There is another word that is basically synonymous with the above word that P90x will prove you to be...but I shan't say it here.  You figure it out.
P= PROFANITY (you will be cursing the whole time you're trying to do this $@^* workout.  No joke.  And if you're a Christian, as I am, be ready with the euphemisms.....)

But perhaps the most important acronym for the P in the P90x workout is this: PERSEVERE.  As in "to persist or remain constant to a purpose, idea, or task in the face of obstacles or discouragement."  That is what's needed for a P90X-type workout.  Be persistent.  Refuse to give up.  Go hard or go home!  Tony Horton - you are one seriously sick evil genius, but I will give you 90 days nonetheless.  3 down - 87 to go.  Bring it!!!


  1. I'm scared of this


  2. Lol I love this thing ! Hahaha yes u cuss like there's no tomorrow but trust me the results r stupid crazy..well for me it was.But I only did the ab part and I did only 2 of the exercises shown,the rest I've yet to try! But the best by far *bbm thumbs up*