Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'm back with a new 'do and "product" review. I told you last post that I'd be changing my hair soon, and this time it's a(nother) wig. This wig is from the company FRIDAY NIGHT HAIR, which is known for their high-quality synthetic wigs. The style I got is numbered GLS11, which is about mid-back length and has long layers in the front. While a basic style, I got this one solely due to the "99J" color, which is a purplish-reddish, deep wine color. You like?
The long and short of this wig is, I like the style, LOVE the color, but the wig as a whole is a FAIL! I'm not sure whether mine came from a bad batch or not, but the synthetic fibers rub against my clothing and tangle like the cheapest of beauty supply store wigs. Considering that FRIDAY NIGHT HAIR's synthetic wigs are supposed to be of superior quality and can last about a year with proper care, I have trouble understanding why I'm having problems with this wig after only one week...... Anyway, the wig was $49.99 with free shipping (due to holidays), which is still considerably less than what I would pay someone to blow my own hair out. And while I will chalk it up to I think I just got one from a bad batch, I still consider it a FAIL. For me, if I have to do a whole bunch of work to a wig to make it wearable daily, that defeats the PURPOSE of even wearing one. My own hair is long - it just takes a lot of work. I certainly don't need A WIG that mimicks it's high maintenance.

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