Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's a BIRD.  It's a PLANE.  It's a.....PRODUCT REVIEW!!!!!!!!

Of sorts.  Well, not an actual "product", per se, but I am doing a review.  A wig review!  Yes, I said WIG, as in false hair.  Lol.  Let me start by saying that while I obviously have a head full of my own hair, I do like to switch things up for the summer, so I was super excited when  I stumbled across this wig online.  And while I would definitely not call myself a Rihanna fan, I am loving that shaved-on-one-side-longer-on-the-other-side cut that she & so many other celebrities are rocking.  I was hyped when I came across this similarly styled wig option. You mean I can look like Rihanna w/o butchering my own hair?  Count me in....mama likey!

Enter the "RIHANNA ROCK" wig by Isis.

  I paid $25 for this wig, not including shipping, from  It arrived in a little under 7 days, and I fell in love the moment I took it out of the box!

Side View: 

Sadly, I don't look like the model in the picture, so this is how I wore it:

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Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the back or the shorn side, which is a shame as that is what really what makes this wig, but I couldn't get the camera angle right.  I may try again later.  The "shaved" side is not actually shaved, of course, but is rather like a cute pixie, layered cut.  Sooo cute.  Also, I have a larger head (hey THANKS for not noticing!) and this wig is still very comfortable.  The hair itself is very soft, and the curls are not stiff.  I've gotten a ton of compliments thus far!  I mean a love this wig so much that I'm buying another one on payday.  Always good to have a backup, right?

I give this wig 4 out of 4 stars.  I would definitely recommend.

What say you?  YAY or NAY?????


  1. Yay! Its different and looks good on you

  2. What's up Jen? Thanks - I really love this wig! Finally got a decent side shot that I'm going to upload, and the cut of this wig is not as "extreme" as Rihanna's shaved side. Actually work friendly, even, and I work in an office.

  3. It looks fabulous! I have locs but you had me thinking of ways to try and fit my hair under there! Thanks for showing me love at my blog! I would appreciate it if you choosed to follow me. But most of all I want that wig!!! I just wonder how to make my hair fit under it?!?!