Friday, December 21, 2012

757's Best Kept Secret


Ok, I showed you pics of my hair in it's natural state.  I showed you pics of my hair with my favorite products in it.  Now let me introduce you to my other 'hair secret', previously referenced as "dream stylist extraordinaire": HADNEY ALEXANDER.

 Check the shoes, yo!

Hadney, aka The Haitian Hair Artist Extraordinaire is The Bomb Dot Com.  Truthfully, this girl is the TRUTH.  You can look @ her own hair and see that she is not playing around - she means business.  Look @ this chick's hair:

GOR-GEOUS.  No weave, no relaxer, just one seriously fly blowout!!!  I should mention that this Haitian Hair Artist Extraordinaire has done my hair since waaay back in the day, when she was only about 16 (and you know I'm still "forever 21" so you do the math) and braiding my hair in her mama's kitchen.  And ladies - WE ALL KNOW ABOUT THOSE KITCHEN BEAUTICIANS, don't we?  The one's who've been doing hair since they came out of the crib - they make the best stylists, yo!  When I say that Hadney is The Truth, I mean...The Truth.  As in Paul Pierce the Truth (Boston Celtics reference, if you're green).  If you don't believe me, believe your eyes:

Me at her salon November 2011 - check out the Knatty Dread, mon:


HADNEY, the Haitian Hair Artist Extraordinaire, handed me a glass of wine, and over pleasantly hilarious conversation, fearlessly worked her magic, undeterred by my tougher-than-Nigerian-hair.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that, some extra Haitian spices for good measure (kidding) and I had one seriously fly cut and blowout.  (And all without the stench of burning hair wafting in the air of so many of those Dominican salons.  No diss - I, too, use to frequent them but even MY tougher-than-Nigerian-hair could not take all that heat.)  Take a look at my "seriously fly haircut and blowout":

 Check out that SHINE, yo!  It's not the camera flash - it's those Haitian spices my girl uses. Lol.

Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about Hadney Alexander.  As a hair artist, she is The Truth.  As a person, she is the genuine article.  The little lady with the BIG PERSONALITY.  She has a Kimora Simmons FABULOSITY about her, but without all the "sickening" that is Kimora Simmons.  If you live in the Hampton Roads area, or will be visiting the area, you.simpy.must. check out this Hair Artist Extraordinaire:

Hadney Alexander
Bradcon Int'l Hair Salon
(757) 717-2346



  1. I've been to Hadney's salon! She is the truth. Just a super talented stylist and a beautiful person. She did my hair for my sister's wedding. She did a blow out style on my hair. My hair was basically looking like one giant loc! LOL!! She smoothed that thing out so nice, that my aunt weave checked me at the wedding. (On the sly) My hair was glossy, swingy, gorgeous. And, like you said, no halo of smoke from "frying hair". She is truly amazing! Sherry @

  2. Sherrrrrrry!!!! Hey chica. "Laughing out loud" at your aunt weave checking you. But yes, Hadney is such an awesome stylist and I felt like I'd gone to a stylist, therapist, and a comedy club after leaving her chair. After complaining how I wanted to lose weight, she gave me the "lose weight or not - you are fabulous either way, girl!" ra-ra speech... then poured me some Moscato. Ha! And she regales you with these hilarious stories...I'm scheduling a blowout for next month. I am a true fan. Now, offf to subscribe to your blog. :)