Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"And the award for the best male/female ACTOR goes to".....

They say that FACEBOOK is the #1 relationship killer.  I believe that wholeheartedly.  I have seen many a person throw away a relationship with the person that they are w/ to be with a person that they have never met.  Online.  On FACEBOOK.  A person that they have "fallen in love with"...on FACEBOOK.  Online.  Wow.  That's serious.  That is sad.   

We are taught from a young age not to "talk to strangers" and to not believe everything we see or more fittingly, read.  And yet Facebook continues to be the #1 relationship destroyer.  Really?  Anyone can type up a profile about who they claim they are, how "real" they are, what they do for a living, how "large" they are living, etc etc.  Someone once said "Welcome to Facebook - where you can be anyone you want!"  You are 500 pds. w/ 3 teeth in your mouth and you want to look like Halle Berry? CUT AND PASTE.  CLICK, UPLOAD...DONE!  You have $3 in your bank account but you want to be an online baller?  Type...type...DONE!  You have only 1 friend in real life, yet 1,000 on Facebook.  Madame (Social) Butterfly!  And my personal favorite:  The ones who are constantly updating their profiles to show all in FANTASY-land FACEBOOK-land just how witty and intelligent they are by spouting clever colloquiums & other pearls of sage-like wisdom but come off sounding like the Damon Wayans "educated-convict" character from "In Living Color".  And the endless barrage of wannabe MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS on Facebook is mildly nauseating.  As are the "I-keep-it-REAL"'ers.  In Fantasy-land Facebook-land, that could almost be classified as an oxymoron.

The truth of the matter is this:  There IS no truth on Facebook.  The name should be changed to FAKEbook.  Anyone with half a brain knows that Facebook, as well as many social networking sites, are all about the FANTASY.  And yet, Facebook continues to be the #1 relationship destroyer.  To the person that will inevitably argue that "if the relationship was solid it the first place".....yada yada yawn.  Ask any divorce lawyer worth his salt and he will tell you that the only way to protect your relationship from dying a painful Facebook-induced death is to step.away.from.the.Facebook.  Apparently there are no relationships solid enough to withstand the lure of this social phenomenon that is Facebook.

And back to our regularly scheduled soapbox rant: So people are exiting relationships with people that they know & (used to) love to be in relationships with people that they think they know.  No judgement from this corner, but a word of caution: There is always somone who is a better writer and a better actor.  Let's hope that new relationship can withstand Facebook as well.

Don't get it twisted - I have a Facebook page.  I'm not knocking Facebook it itself, I'm knocking how people use it.  Just be careful.  Be smart.  Be safe.  "I'm just sayin...."

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  1. Haha this post cracked me up! Its soo true! I just kept on nodding and agreeing to every point you made...and FB was created by the devil to quite literally break-up relationships lol. No but seriously, FB really does become the catalyst to anxiety and paranoia and the catalyst for all things pretty much fake ('FAKE'book lol)...but then it makes you think, that if FB, a cyber-world entity can break a relationship up then in all seriousness, you never had a relationship in the first place...Really nice write up lady- kept me hooked 2 the end xx