Sunday, July 10, 2011

"I FAILED my way towards SUCCESS" - Thomas Edison

Sometimes we don't shoot for the stars.  Sometimes we don't aim for them because we feel that the stars are too high up and therefore out of reach, and sometimes it's because subconsciously, we don't feel like we have the right of owning something so beautiful and rare.  And sometimes plain ol' fear keeps us from putting ourselves anywhere in the vicinity of them.  And just like that....we settle into mediocrity and become (yikes!)...satisfied with it.

We fear, thus we fail, right? w.r.o.n.g.  Failure is not about having fears - the real failure is not trying to succeed because of fearing failure.  The real failure is not embracing your fear and using it as fuel. Confused yet?   It's simple really.  I'm trying to start a business.  It's normal to have anxiety over any new venture attempted.  A few of the usual suspects:  What if my idea doesn't work?  What if my skills aren't strong enough?  What if I don't make any money?  What if I lose money(that I don't really have) trying to make money?  What if I FAIL???  That, my friends, is what we call fear.  To fear is normal. But what we really should be asking ourselves is: "If my idea does not work, how can I fine tune it so it will?  How can I further develop my skills so that they are stronger?  I probably will not make alot of money initially, so do I have other resources available so I can further grow this business? And if this venture does fail, how do I ensure that I will keep trying until it succeeds?"  That is using your fear as fuel towards success. Having a plan. And a backup plan.  A plan A, plan B, or as many plans needed (even if it goes all the way to Z) until the desired result is achieved. And working that/those plans until it/they work.

I'm gonna be honest with you, people.  I want a star.  I really do.  Maybe not all of the stars, but at least as many as my hand can grab.  As many as my hand can carry, even if that's only one.  Let me say this also: I am short.  Without my usual 5-inch superhero platform heels (but I always leave the cape at home), I stand 5 foot 1 in stocking feet.  Even with a full stretch, I cannot reach the sky on my own strength.  But I do know how to use the resources available to me - I know how to find and use a ladder.  I'll say it again:  I deserve my star.  So if I have to climb to the highest rung of that ladder, despite being afraid of heights, to reach it - that's just what I'll have to do.  And should I lose my balance and fall off....oh well.  I'll fall.  I"ll fall down and I might fall hard. It might be painful and I might even cry.  But guess what?  My star will still be up the sky... with my name on it. Waiting for me.  So I'll get up, wipe my tears and find a sturdier ladder to hold me. I'

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